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Kitchen Rehab on a Shoestring and Prayer

This last summer my sister in law and I were working out. She said to me " I would love to remodel my kitchen this coming up winter. " She also said that she had very little money to invest, it would have to be a DIY project. With that conversation we embarked on " The Great Chick Adventure " She had some dreams of what she wanted the space to look like in the end and I had the knowledge on how to make it happen. She said that she really didn't want to invest in new stainless applainces or cabinets. She wanted a piece of art to make the statement. She told me that she has always loved the painting Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. She wondered if I could create a backlit back splash inspirded by that painting. "Of course!" I told her. Right then and there we decided to focus the majority of the funds on the back splash.

She sourced discontinued tiles for the countertops and floors. I started on the design. With her dream of a star-lit sky and Vincent Van Gogh in mind.

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